Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend recap

My plans of a nice, quiet weekend didn't turn out quite how I planned...I'm not complaining though, since my days were filled with fun & family!

Every weekend officially kicks off at 4:30 on Thursday afternoon for me since I don't work on Friday's. Thursday afternoon I got a call from my brother that they (his family & my parents) were on their way home from vacation a couple days early, due to the bad weather we've had in Southern IL (they were horseback riding in Shawnee National Forest) Thursday night I met all of them at our local small town bar for greasy cheeseburgers & beer (Mt. Dew for me). I was super excited to see my 3 year old niece, Shelby, who I hadn't seen in almost 2 weeks....and I'd like to believe that she was equally as excited! :)

Friday morning found me up & out early, hitting the streets of my small rural town for the "town wide garage sales" with my mom & niece. We did quite a bit of shopping, but the true winner was Shelby (3 yr old niece) who purchased EXACTLY what she announced that she was looking for before we even set out for the day (play horses, her newest addiction). We followed up our "garage saling" with a trip to the local recreation department to sign Shelby up for the 3-4 year old soccer league, lunch, and then out to my parents farm to relax awhile.

On Saturday I had more time with mom & Shelby as I tried out new camera equipment (pictures to follow), while Shelby played on her new scooter (garage sale purchase), followed by a dress up/fashion show (more garage sale purchases). I love practicing my photography techniques...and I must say, I have the best little model around! :)

Sunday I decided to make a family dinner...I opted for lasagna and tried out this new recipe, and although it wasn't "The World's Best Lasagna", it was pretty good...although not near as good as what my Mom usually makes! The best part about the meal was time spent with the family... Yes, maybe I had a little too much family time this weekend...but I loved every minute of it!

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